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I intend to program a webpage containig a form for entering some number to
be multibplied with a factor. Depending on the number entered the result
should change.
I searched the web, but propably used wrong key-terms, the results weren't
what I expected.
Hence my question: Is it possoble to autoupdate a form (by leaving the
entry-field with 'tab' or 'enter' and if so how can I realise it?
Is it a good idea to place the result in another frame and update the
Or is it better in any case to fill the form and display the results after
pressing a potential 'calculate'-button in a new page?

Herbert Plass

Re: autoupdating webpage

Herbert Plass wrote:

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not in HTML - you'll need to use something like PHP or ASP to do this -
do you mean something that acts in a similar way to a message board?


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Re: autoupdating webpage

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Yes, this is quite common.

You should read a good text on client-side JavaScript - I suggest the
two O'Reilly books, Dynamic HTML (Flamingo) and JavaScript (Rhino).

Unless you need to record these changes, or really do need to do
something on a server, then you don't need PHP, ASP or any server-side

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