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After two days of labor, I cannot get a very simple autoresponder to work.
And, as expected, the company that provides it has no instructions, support,
tutorials, manual, etc.

I didn't get it to snag leads.  I am a writer, and the idea was to have an
address that would send back a basic "Thank you for your email, I will
respond shortly" letter, as I write for people in both the U.S. and Europe,
and the 6-hour time difference gets shifts schedules.

If you know how autoresponders work (this one is from,
please let me know.  I'll even pay you to set it up for me or for

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

 j r o b i n s    a t     i n t c o m m .  n  e   t

Re: Autoresponder Help, Please

Jim wrote:

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It would be far cheaper and take far less time to simply move your
email hosting to tuffmail and use the provided autoresponder.
It is a simple fill-in-the-boxes task to set it up, and it has the
huge advantage of not being suitable for mailbombing.  Mailbombing
is when Eve sends a few thousand requests to Jim's autoresponder,
each of which is forgede to fool the autoresponder into thinking
the request came from Adam.  This causes Jim (that's you) to
mailbomb her enemy Adam.

I am not affiliated with tuffmail -- just a happy customer.

Guy Macon

Re: Autoresponder Help, Please

You're right.  Thanks for the info.....I appreciate it.


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Re: Autoresponder Help, Please

Jim wrote:
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You can easily set up an autoresponder using something like Tectite's

BUT, you probably shouldn't do that.  You have no idea if the person (or
robot) filling in your form is using their own email address or not.
That is a common tactic of spammers.  You may want to read this:

Better you should, upon the user clicking the Submit button redirect
them to a simple Web page that presents that message.  It's what the
contact form on my Web site does.  Feel free to try it:

Ed Mullen
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