Automatic tag variables in IE

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I am trying to understand how IE handles automatic tag variables.

I know that IE will create a global variable each time it finds a tag
with its name or id attribute set. If you have more than one tag with
the same name or id (yes this is bad) on a page then that global
variable goes from being a tag reference to being a collection of

In most cases if you remove the duplicate tag the global var becomes
tag reference again. Other times it remains a collection but with
one element.

Getting completely away from using the automatic variables is not an
option. So, I am trying to understand how the variables are handled
IE. Does anyone know what determines whether the global variable is
reverted to a tag reference or left as a collection when the
tags are removed from the page?


For example, if we start with
<div id="container1"></div>
<div id="container2"></div>

then do ...

container1.innerHTML = "<span id='sometext'>some text</span>"
container2.innerHTML = "<span id='sometext'>some more text</span>"

The global var sometext is a collection with two elements.

If we do the following

container2.innerHTML = ""

The global var sometext is usually pointing to the first span. Other
times is a collection and sometext[0] points to the first span.


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