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Is ther anyway i can automatically fill out forms and submit them thru
supposing i hav a normal txt file that contains all data that needs to
be filed out into the form, is there anyway i can fill out a form and
submit it automatically by providing only the URL of the form and the
txt file?

Re: automatic submission of forms wrote:

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You can ignore the form entirely (other than as a map to what you need to
call your fields) and write your Java application to make a suitably
formatted HTTP request to the server.

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Re: automatic submission of forms wrote:
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OK - this is a complex one. i suspect you are getting confused by
terms... Java or JavaScript? If Java... client side or server side?

Isn't the form a red herring? What do you want to happen to the data
from the form? Should it be emailed to you? If so... how? Via CGI, PHP
server-side java or (rubbish) HTML-mailto?

Explain your situation and you'll get a better answer, for instance, if
you want a set of calculations made based on the contents of a remote
text-file, dead easy using Perl.

HTML form asks for location of remote file, passes data to Perl script,
perl script does some clever HTTP stuff to get the contents of the text
file, does the maths and returns the answer...

...or are you a spammer looking for a way to automatically create
dozens of accounts on some webmail server? That can also be done - but
shouldn't be as it makes you scum.

What exactly are you looking for?

Dan Vesma (has been a while - but i'm back in alt.html)

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