automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews

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Can anybody recommend a program which creates Previews of
Pictures in a folder in a Grid? I have heard that
there are such programms which are free and can do this.




Re: automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews says...
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Perhaps this: /

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Re: automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews

"Hywel Jenkins"


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Thx. This looks good, but it needs PHP. I need software which
does not need PHP. My Webserver only supports HTML.



Re: automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews says...
Quoted text here. Click to load it with have something for you, I'm sure.

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Re: automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews

Markus Gronotte wrote:

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Then you'll need to run some kind of HTML and image preprocessor on
your computer to generate the pages and then upload them.  HTML by
itself is a markup language, not a programming language, and can't
readily[0] do anything but sit there.

[0] ECMAScript hacks aside

Re: automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews

On Sun, 02 Nov 2003 12:32:48 GMT, "Owen Jacobson"

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Irfanview, then, sounds like the ideal.  It'll thumbnail for you with
various options (though not as robust as an actual thumbnail program
but darned powerful for all that).  It, too, will generate the
individual thumbnails AND the basic html file which can then be
finetuned to add anything else to convert it to a page that conforms
to your website design.

And it does this thumbnailing all in a fraction of a second once you
press OK.  It's free!

Found here: /

You can see a comprehensive msg I just posted re this to this thread.


Re: automatic creation of Picturegrids with Previews

On Sat, 1 Nov 2003 22:00:34 +0100, "Markus Gronotte"

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If I've understood you correctly, Markus, you're looking for a way to
make a thumbnail sheet (?).  If that's the case, Irfanview can do this
for you and is free for personal use.  You can find it here: /

I've just pulled it up but I'm going to go through it.  Though not an
extremely powerful thumbnailer, Irfanview is so packed with stuff that
there would be a bit of a learning curve.  This way, you'll cut
through a lot of that since I've hopefully outlined it clearly enough

I have Irfanview v3.70 and I see that there been an upgrade or two. I
already have most of the instructions below typed up so just to let
you know that they might be slightly different.  Darn.  Here's hoping.
I should have checked first.

Anyway, to do the thumbnailing, launch Irfanview.  Command is under
FILE > THUMBNAILS.  This launches a separate thumbnails viewer.
Navigate with it  to the folder you want to thumbnail and it'll load
the pix.  You can modify the borders to create a grid, most
definitely, as well as sizes ahead of time via OPTIONS > SET THUMBNAIL

You might have to play with the sizes of the thumbnails if you use
very long descriptive names, as I do. The longer the filename the
larger the images have to be so that the text doesn't get scrunched

If you need these thumbnails as just as simple image file and not just
as a browsing instrument, SELECT all the thumbnails and then click
FILE > SAVE SELECTED THUMBS AS AN IMAGE and save to a folder of your
choice to the graphics format you need.  You pretty much just get what
you see with no editing capabilities, it seems.  But useful for a fast
thumbnail sheet.

Or you can make an actual contact sheet which does allow you to modify
settings.  This command is also under the FILE menu.  Once you choose
this contact sheet option, a box comes up where the modification to
font size, etc., can be made.  Once done, hit CREATE and the contact
sheet gets transferred over to Irfanview's main interface.  Save as an
image file once there if everything okay.

Two other options in the thumbnail viewer under FILE that are useful:
SAVE SELECTED THUMBS AS SINGLE IMAGES - pretty much self-explanatory,
and SAVE SELECTED THUMBS AS HTML FILE - very, very useful if your
contact sheet will actually be part of a webpage. What is absolutely
awesome is that if you so choose, you can set a destination folder and
everything is copied there, including html file with thumbnail pix so
it's practically ready to upload via ftp to your site!  Be sure to
got a copy of all my pix along with the created thumbnail images <g>!
Also, the box seems to default to 1 column, so you need to change that
to, perhaps, 3 or more or whatever so that you get a nice sheet.
However, youl'll know best.

This was fun.  I hadn't done it in over a year but once I figured it
out I guess that one time, it was easy to go back and do it again even
if so much time had passed.  Too, I'll have this sheet as a reference
point for next time.

Irfanview does not have the power of a thumbnail program, but it's
very, very feature rich and robust and makes darn good thumbnail
documents and graphics.  And the price is just right!


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