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I am a doing a survey about Autofill Web Forms softwares.

Usually, they all collect information of the user once during the
set-up phase (user knowledge base).

Then, when the user navigates to a web form, the autofill software can
automatically partially fill the form. The solution can be mostly
differenciated by its intelligence algorithm for matching between the
information (fields) asked by the web form, and the one present in the
user knowledge base.

This matching algorithm can be:
-completly manual (for each field the user selects from a list)
-keyword matching (for example using the ECML v1.1 specification)
-more sophisticated :)

Some autofill softwares also continues to collect information each time
the user fills a form (not only in the set-up phase).

Do you know more information about it?
Do you know about interesting solutions/features?

ps: Let me know if you are interested in the result of the survey.


David Portabella
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIA)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
Tel: +41216932732 / Fax: +41216935225


Some applications that I am trying. Let me know if you know about the
matching algorithm they use (there is very few information about it)



Gator /

Google Toolbar

Apple - Safari /

MSN Toolbar

AutoFill Browser 1.2.1

Research-Desk Professional

iNetFormFiller 2.6.11

Search Toolbar 1.0

SignupShield 2,-llc.html

AWS Toolbar

550 Access Toolbar


Re: Autofill web forms

On 28 Jan 2005 08:56:32 -0800, "David  Portabella"
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I am not sure what you are asking.

I use the dastardly infamous software Norton SystemWorks 2004.  The best
bonus feature, and maybe the best feature overall anyway, came with 2004
(not 2003).  It is a password manager, and I cannot live without one after
having it.

It never misses a little login page that wants two lines filled in - an
email address or ID, & password.  And when it comes to longer forms - name
/ address / phone number / city /state /zip - even credit card number ,
the page has to be done right with the right coding, and if so, NSW2004
recognizes those fields and fills them in.  Unfortunately there are form
pages written that do not use standard fields I guess, and I find myself
manually filling in info more than I want to.


Re: Autofill web forms

While the city slept, ...D. ( feverishly typed...
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Ooh! Can I come round your house??? Mind if I just browse the net for a bit
while you go into the kitchen and make a pot of tea??? ;-)


Nigel Moss
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Re: Autofill web forms

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yes, one question is which standard fields exists out there,
and who makes them standard?

For instance, one standard is RFC 3106 - ECML v1.1:
Field Specifications for E-Commerce

but the scope is limited to a purchase order.
Do you know about other standards?


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