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Hi All,

I have a link in my webpage.... clicking on it should automatically
log me into yahoo. How do I go about it?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Auto login & submission wrote:
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If your Yahoo is configured to log you in automatically when you click a
bookmark or type an address into the Address field of your browser, then
it will do the same if you click a link to the same address. Otherwise
it won't. There isn't anything magical you can do in a link that will
log you in if Yahoo isn't already configured to log you in automatically.

You can, however, try adding a form to the page where you had intended
to put a link, configuring the form to send the same information as
Yahoo's own login form, and prefilling the name and password fields in
your HTML.

Re: Auto login & submission

On Jul 6, 7:59 pm, Harlan Messinger
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Thanks for the reply.

Yes you are right. I have a form in which I'll proivde my yahoo
username & password.
On submit it should re-direct to yahoo (should not come up with yahoo
login page asking me for username & password)

Re: Auto login & submission wrote:

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Mmmmm. Is it just me, or does anyone else smell phish?

What purpose does the redirect serve? Why would one willingly enter
account-compromising information for one site into a form from another


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