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I finally got an IP cam working at a remote site and visible over
the WAN.

But bandwidth at the site is poor (400 mbps) and the motion
suffers accordingly.

Motion looks great when the cam is viewed locally.

What I'm thinking:

- Save a series of clips (maybe a 30-second clip every 29

- Run something that automagically spots the latest clip,
  renames it, and uploads it to an FTP site with better

- Somehow create a web page with a link to the last clip
  that has been fully uploaded.

Seems like, assuming sufficient bandwidth at the FTP site, the
motion would be limited only by the user's bandwidth.

If that is the case, can anybody say where to start on such a

I'm thinking just a scheduled .BAT or .CMD file - except that
using the same file name all the time would seem to invite "In
Use" conflicts between users trying to view and the upload
process uploading the latest iteration.

Pete Cresswell

Re: Auto-FTP-ing?


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I'm hoping you mean 400 kbps, and not 400mbps. Otherwise if you call
that poor bandwidth, I'm curious what the quality of the video is that
it stutters...
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Re: Auto-FTP-ing?

Per Evan Platt:
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Mea Culpa.

It's even worse.   I did a few runs of and upload
speed is 45 kB/s.    Yeah, that's 4-5.... not 4-5-0....
Pete Cresswell

Re: Auto-FTP-ing?

Per Jonathan N. Little:
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I've got the owner looking in to Comcast Cable.... we'll see.

Meanwhile, I've actually got the beginnings of something going
the FTP route:

- Installed Serv-U on my home PC (where we have FIOS).

- Installed an instance of the camera server (BlueIris)
  on a laptop at the camera's site.

- Got BlueIris's built-in FTP functionality to upload an
  endless series of 20-second clips to my home PC.

- Now we have a growing list of files on the home PC

I'm guessing I'll dope out a .CMD or .BAT on my own to
auto-delete the oldest files.

That leaves the task of writing HTML to automagically render the
most recent file on a remote user's browser.  NB: Render, not
download as a file.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Pete Cresswell

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