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can anyone please help with character of asian font family ?

i try define character for big 5 simplify chinese page.

i am try two font family,

font-family: "SimSum-18030;SimHei", Arial, serif;

and this:
font-family: SimSum-18030, SimHei, Arial, serif;

can anyone tell which display directly on big 5 page or on iso-8859-1 page.

thank you for much of you help.

J . Huang

Re: asian font family


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The second example suggests three (3) font families (-not counting the
generic.)  The first may suggest 2, but I've only heard of quotes being
used to contain spaces in a single font-family name and don't know if you
can include a semi-colon in same.

Infinity has its limits.

Re: asian font family

Thank Tank wrote:
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Having lived in Japan for several years I have found that virtually all
Asian families have character.  However having said that, I knew
several Fongs, and Sakaimotos, but never a Font.

Re: asian font family

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Usually you don't need to specify the font, it's more important to
specify the language and encoding correctly. Then the user's browser
should pick a suitable font for that language and encoding if they have
one on their system.

Ideally you should configure the server to add Content-Type and
Content-Language headers, but failing that, you can use metatags:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=Big5">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="zh-cn">

in the <head> part of your document.

Content-Language is less important in this case as the browser can
easily and in most cases will guess that the language is zh-cn if the
encoding is Big5 as Big5 is only used for zh-cn.

Check that works OK if you open the page from a file:// url (where there
are no server headers to confuse the picture). Then try loading the page
from the server. If it doesn't work when coming from the server, you
will need to configure the server to deliver the proper headers. Note
that if the server is delivering Content-Type or Content-Language
headers, those have priority over metatags.

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