arghhhhhhh help needed

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well i dont know what ive done but suddenly the 'contact paul moller bit' on
his webpage
has decided (when viewed in firefox and opera - obviously it is fine in ie)
to sit on the right hand side (or to float all over the place depending on
the viewing size) instead of underneath... as it was doing perfectly well
for the last 3 weeks....
its driving me nuts

ive checked my css and xhtml with w3c and all is supposedly fine - which
obviously it  is not..
any chance of a second or third pair of eyes to help me before i leap out of
the window...

the css is here if required (its a bit messy but i am  teaching myself xhtml
by reverse engineering)

Re: arghhhhhhh help needed

if you think my css is a bit odd for the site its because i used a previous
css and havent got around to deleting the bits i dont need....

Re: arghhhhhhh help needed

very weird.... it all seems ok now... eek.
sorry to bother yawl.

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