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There needs to be a law that people who don't know WTF they're doing should
never be allowed to author even one line of HTML.  I've spent close to two
weeks (off and on) cleaning up a website created by a co-worker before I got
to my dayjob. I'm doing this in anticipation of an upcoming redesign of the
site. Large chunks of content will be re-used, and so I have to clean
everything up so it is ready to be re-placed into the new design.  This is
an absolute nightmare of nested tables, spacer images and just general
hackery. If I had any hair, I'd have pulled it all out by now.

-Karl Core
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Re: ARGH!!!!!!

While sitting in a puddle Karl Core scribbled in the mud:

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But than what I do?

If it ain't broken fix it anyway.

Re: ARGH!!!!!!

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If you haven't been at that horrible level in your career yourself once,
then you should have been; the experience of how not to do things is a
very helpful one. Be sure to tell your colleague in a respectful manner,
so he can learn from it.


Re: ARGH!!!!!!

Per Karl Core:
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OTOH can anybody spell J-o-b--S-e-c-u-r-i-t-y ?

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