Appending style sheet elements

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I'm writing a reusable JavaScript library which needs to set certain
styles in a document. The document may have an existing stylesheet
definition either by a link or by an existing stylesheet declaration in
the documents head section.

How can I use JavaScript to append my own style sheet information to a
possibly already existing stylesheet definition?



Re: Appending style sheet elements wrote:
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Try quirksmode:



Re: Appending style sheet elements

With neither quill nor qualm, quothed:

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That's no problem.  The latest style is the one honored.  Add something
like the following to the <head> section:

<script type="text/javascript">
  document.write('<style type="text\/css">\n#ct1 { width:95.2%; text-
align:justify; }\n<\/style>\n');

PS: This example is from one of my pages, has been checked and works.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: Appending style sheet elements

Neredbojias wrote:

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That is not entirely true.  It depends on the specificity of the selectors

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document.close() refers to a Function(-like) object.  The Call Operator ()
is _not_ optional for it to be called.  Therefore, the object reference is
only evaluated and nothing is called, preventing the harm it would do

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It probably breaks in NN4 due to the Run-Length bug.  It breaks in a
conforming HTML UA due to nonsensical comment delimiter strings, and
it breaks in XHTML due to either comment delimiters (empty `script'
element), or markup delimiters like `<' in PCDATA, or document.write()
not supported there in recent UAs.

BTW: Not all / characters in script data have to be escaped, only
those in an HTML document that would form the ETAGO delimiter </

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