apache server logs and webalizer

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in my webalizer, for some reason, it doeesnt tell me where the people
visiting my site r from. it just says unknown. on other hosts, it did
tell me. do ive to change something in the apache conf file or
something???? also, it only tells me the top 15 user agents and search
strings. i want to see everything! before, in webalizer, on my old
host, i could do that as well

Re: apache server logs and webalizer

John Ryan said:

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the documentation will tell you how to configure it to your preferences
http://webalizer.com /

don't forget to also configure it to recognize useragents that pretend
they're MSIE which for some strange reason it isn't configured to do by
default. your 80% MSIE visitors could really be MSIE 60% and 20% just
faking it.

17/December/2003 01:36:01 am kilo

Re: apache server logs and webalizer

celticfc@iol.ie (John Ryan) wrote in

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Make sure you have the following in webalizer.conf:

# DNSCache specifies the DNS cache filename to use for reverse DNS lookups.
# This file must be specified if you wish to perform name lookups on any IP
# addresses found in the log file.  If an absolute path is not given as
# part of the filename (ie: starts with a leading '/'), then the name is
# relative to the default output directory.  See the DNS.README file for
# additional information.

DNSCache        /var/lib/webalizer/dns_cache.db

or alternatively, you might want to try turning on HostnameLookups in

# HostnameLookups: Log the names of clients or just their IP addresses
# e.g., www.apache.org (on) or (off).
# The default is off because it'd be overall better for the net if people
# had to knowingly turn this feature on, since enabling it means that
# each client request will result in AT LEAST one lookup request to the
# nameserver.
HostnameLookups On

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You can override default settings in webalizer.conf:

# The "Top" options below define the number of entries for each table.
# Defaults are Sites=30, URL's=30, Referrers=30 and Agents=15, and
# Countries=30. TopKSites and TopKURLs (by KByte tables) both default
# to 10, as do the top entry/exit tables (TopEntry/TopExit).  The top
# search strings and usernames default to 20.  Tables may be disabled
# by using zero (0) for the value.

#TopSites        30
#TopKSites       10
#TopURLs         30
#TopKURLs        10
#TopReferrers    30
#TopAgents       15
#TopCountries    30
#TopEntry        10
#TopExit         10
#TopSearch       20
#TopUsers        20

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