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Sorry about this thread. I didn't know where else to post. The apache
server currently expands "tilda" but won't accept a full path:
http://storm/~megauser/image.jpg  works
http://storm/export/home/megauser/image.jpg doesn't work

Is there any way to tweak the apache so that the second URL will work.

Many thanks

Re: Apache question

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Re: Apache question

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Awe crap, I thought this was a thread about Indians.  Nevermind


Re: Apache question

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And I thought it was about the music of Hank Marvin! ;-)


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Re: Apache question

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005 09:49:00 -0700, soup_or_power wrote:

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Ok, I'll try to help

I suspect Apache says something like access deined.  If so you need to add
a directory command for that to work.

Something like this:
<Directory /storm/export/home/megauser/>
        Order Deny,Allow
        Allow from all

This is usally placed into the VirtualHost part of the configuration file.

You may also need other options according to what your trying to

If this doesn't work then I will need to see your config file httpd.conf

The reason the tilda works is because Apache's configuration has users
home directories enabled.

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Re: Apache question

soup_or_power wrote:

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Errr.... D'oh! You're completely misunderstanding how Apache maps URLs
onto the filesystem.

Hint: "http://storm/foo.html" does not correspond to the file "/foo.html".
It probably corresponds to something like "/var/www/html/foo.html".

So if you access "http://storm/export/home/megauser/image.jpg" it won't
look for "/export/home/megauser/image.jpg", but rather it will look for

Read this to get started:

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