Anything Like Homesite on the market nowadays?

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I have been out of business for few years now. I am starting a small
company now and decided to do our web design. Any way, I know html, java,
css, php and all the other related stuff really well, so not looking for
WYSIWUG. I am looking for something like a gutted version of Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is awesome for code, though it's PHP support is limited, but
all the WYSIWUG stuff, and the endless amount of wizards and useless tools
they stuck into that software are slowing it way down. What I am looking
for is a notepad with really good autocomplete features, on par with
Dreamweaver. I want to be able to type things like `<div style="color: `
and have the program popup a color dialog, is that too much to ask? :(

I tried a few, and none are really as good as DW, though Zend comes very
close. Zend is awesome for php, and if it had full CSS support I would
never use anything else. It's lean and perfect for PHP, which is what I do
90% of the time any way. But for HTML templates I am still stuck with DW,
and now with CS3 copy of it it's more annoying then ever before.

Any suggestions?

 - Bogdan

Re: Anything Like Homesite on the market nowadays?

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How about Homesite - I'm still using 5.5 with great satisfaction.  Try
Adobe - they might still be able to supply Homesite - it was part of
their MacroMedia purchase.  I'd send you a copy of mine if such is not
illegal - for obsolete products.

An close alternate is EditPad Pro.  I use it all the time for regular
text but the HTML color scheme is good.  I don't about tag data - I do
all my tag and css selections independent of the editor.


Re: Anything Like Homesite on the market nowadays?

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TopStyle Pro -- by the same author as Homesite.
Chris Hughes
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