Anyone use Mailto Encryptor?

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Hi, I found this application called Mailto Encryptor, which changes
your email address into characters that Spambots presumably can't read
when they search websites for addresses.  Seems like a good idea to me
and you don't have to worry about people with Javascript turned off
(the alternative seems to be using JS to hide your email address).

In searching around, though, I've found a few comments that spambots
figured this method out a long time ago, which means it's useless.
Other comments still praise this method and say it works.  I was
wondering if anybody has any scoop on which to believe?  or if there
are any other good non-Javascript methods out there?


Re: Anyone use Mailto Encryptor?

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I'm sure most spambots are aware of this "trick" by now
so its probally a waste of time to implent it as such.
Its best not to publish your e-mail address at all and use a mailform
instead (if you can)


Re: Anyone use Mailto Encryptor?

SamuŽl van Laere wrote:
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How about encryption in Javascript AND a "stripped" non-javascript version,
like my page:

I have used the encrypter here: /

Is this safe? And, is it obvious for humans that the
non-javascript version is my
email address, even if you don't read Norwegian? Can you use it?

Inger Helene Falch-Jacobsen

Re: Anyone use Mailto Encryptor?

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