Anybody Else Burned By Internic/Verisign?

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I set up a couple of domain names via Internic - opting to pay via my credit

Everything was fine until some months later, I started getting mysterious BS
charges on my card: "AP9*24PROTECTPLUS"  ford $9.95.   Called 'em up and they
said it was bc I had signed up for it on one of the Internic screens.  

Contested the charges with the card company, and they're reversed... for now...
but the PITA factor was not trivial.

I'm pretty careful about that stuff and the description they gave me of the
service was so ludicrous (something about special prices on merchandise...) that
I'm convinced somebody scammed me.

My image is of a screen that's just a little larger than most people's monitors
with all the info showing, but an inch or so below the visible portion maybe a
lone little checkbox - pre-checked....  It's the only explaination I can come up
with short of somebody lying about the Internic connection...


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