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Is it worth sweating to make sure a 640 display fits perfect?  I have looked
around and it seems most content heavy sites set table width at about
710-720.  I am hoping a 640 display is so rare by now that you should just
go ahead and plan for a fluid 800 and 1024.

Re: another Q, display width opinion

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Depends if you care if people access your site from a non computer based
browser (Palm pilot, Phone etc..)  If you don't care, then there is
probably little need to worry about 640 (though there may still be a

Check this out: /

There are some other options for your layout.

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Re: another Q, display width opinion

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Thanks for the info.  I am glad that being new to html, I wasn't scared to
jump right into .css as well.  I have found it invaluable for my first site.
I plan on treading back into the more familiar databases and give this site
e-commerce capability in the future.  Trying to position and figure out a
fairly complex .css menu has turned me off to using .css to layout the page.
I am sure once you get it, its  just as effective.  Except, wouldn't tables
be best for what amounts to tabular data, Item Price Item Price so on and so

Re: another Q, display width opinion

Quoth the raven named Shawn Modersohn:

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The best way is to not even think about monitor size. People do surf
with their windows not maximized.

Make your site float at any browser size. This one of mine works just
fine down to under 500px. /

Heh, what is a "fluid 800?"

    -This space intentionally left blank.

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