Another flash question - jpegs in flash movie acting oddly.

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Check out this flash:

On my machine, the images are drawn slightly too low and to the left -
unless I put it in low quality mode, in which case it gets it right.

This is most obvious on the 2rd picture, where the model should touch but
not go over the bottom edge of the canvas the 4th one, where the rounded
top-left corner should fit flush.

It could just be the slightly dodgy flash for Linux player Macromedia
produces (why they don't just GPL it...?). If this is the case on all
systems, I'll put an explicit argument in to use low quality (never seen
anyone do *that* before!)


Re: Another flash question - jpegs in flash movie acting oddly.

Jim Higson wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Oh, wait a mo, I can test this myself...

I can forward X11 over ssh to a UNIX box that has citrix access to a Windows

(much, much time passes. Man, this is slow!)

Yep, fowls it up in Windows too unless set to low quality.
Ok, so are the any reasons not to use low quality, given that it doesn't
seem to badly change anything in my swf file?

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