Announcing Switch, the CSS Preprocessor

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Powered by Mod_Python and running under Apache 2, or as a standalone
tool, Switch CSS is a full featured, production ready CSS preprocessor.

Some of the features include:
- variables
- constants
- selector prepending:

#selector {

        .class { property: value; }



#selector { }
#selector .class { property: value; }

With unlimited levels of nesting, this makes CSS easy to read and fast
to write.

- selector copying:

#selector { width: 200px; }

#other_selector { @copy #selector; }


#selector { width: 200px; }

#other_selector { width: 200px; }

- selector inheritance:

#selector { width: 200px; }

#other_selector { @inherit #selector; }


#selector { width: 200px; }


There are other features, also. I think that's enough to get people

Switch was designed as a production-ready tool to solve the problem of
front-end design with CSS based-layouts and large CSS files. As we
realized we had 40,000 lines of CSS written and no means of abstracting
or managing the code easily, we decided to write a preprocessor that
was easy to use and had all the bells and whistles a CSS designer could
ever want.

The sourceforge project link follows. We could really use some tire
kickers... /

Dave Worley

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