animated GIF plays too slowly

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If you look at the spinning diamond animated GIF on this page: /

you will see it spinning at about half the rate I want it to spin it.  It
does spin at the right speed in ULead GIF animator before I export it.
What's weird is, when the page first loads, for about a 1/2 second it spins
at the right speed and motors down to the slower rate.  It's as if Internet
Explorer can't keep up with it or something.  There seems to a ceiling to
the frames per second I can get.   I tried lowering the interframe delay to
less than 1/50 of a second which should be blazing, but it stays at the same
slower speed (except for the first 1/2 second as I said).

Any ideas on how to fix this?



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Re: animated GIF plays too slowly

Robert Oschler wrote:
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Reduce the number of frames played. You are right, the browser/computer
cannot keep up to the play rate you are setting.

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