anchors in clickable maps??

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First off, is there a problem with the following syntax : <area
href="#some text here-some here" />

I have a few <a href="#some text here-some here"> links on my page that
seem to work fine. my <area> tag does not. if the layout of my page is
as follows:

<a href="#name-Case No. 1">
<area href="#name-Case No. 1"> //clickable map
<a href="#name-Case No. 1">
<a name="name-Case No. 1"> //anchor for Case No. 1

<a href="#name-Case No. 2">
<area href="#name-Case No. 2">  ->>takes me to Case No. 1
<a href="#name-Case No. 2">
<a name="name-Case No. 2"> // anchor for Case No. 2

I excluded the other <area> attributes because I know they are OK. The
<area> tag link from the clickable map for Case No. 2 takes me to the
anchor for Case No. 1. Does it only read everything up to the space?


Re: anchors in clickable maps??

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That does not make sense, and it's not even syntactically correct (valid).

Why don't you
a) tell what you are trying to achieve and
b) post the URL?

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca") /

Re: anchors in clickable maps??


I know that this syntax is not correct. I'm simply trying to convey a
description of what I am doing.

Here's my situation:

I have a single html file with several clickable maps scattered through
the file. Consider this: I have 2 sections in the html file. Each
section contains a clickable map and 3 regular links to anchors. When
the user clicks on a link I want the destination to remain in the
section from which they clicked the link. It works fine for the
following code:

<a href="#name-Case No. 2"> Link </a>
<a name="name-Case No. 2">Destination</a>

In this above example clicking on the link takes the user to the
destination in section 2.

Now consider this:
Keep in mind I have a clickable map for each section. If I add the
following it does not work properly:

<area href="#name-Case No. 2" alt="Case No. 2" shape="rect"
coords="39,99,61,121"/> Link </a>
<a name="name-Case No. 2">Destination</a>

This does NOT work properly. Clicking on the word "Link" should take me
to the word "Destination" in section 2. The result is it takes me to
the word Destination of Case No. 1....even though the anchor for Case
No. 1 is as follows:

<a name="name-Case No. 1">Destination</a>

Unfortunatley I have no outside link to provide you. I hope I've
explained my situation well enough. Are spaces in the "name" attribute
permitted for the <area> tag?

Thanks for the help.

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
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