"Ampersand" in email addresses

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Hi All

I hope someone can help me...

I work in a large organisation which a network of 24,000 computers.  We use
Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Servers for our email platform.  However, I
have come across a problem...

A number of our mailboxes have the ampersand character in the email address
(ie. The '&' character).  However, when trying to use a hyperlink to these
addresses, all that appears in the "To:" field in Outlook are the characters
BEFORE the ampersand, and nothing from the ampersand onwards.  As a result,
Outlook is unable to recognise the email address!

How do I code the link?  I have tried using "&" instead of just "&" in
the HTML code, but this makes no difference.




Re: "Ampersand" in email addresses

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Try %26.

kristiaan@xs4all.netherlands (nl)

Re: "Ampersand" in email addresses

 Monomeeth wrote:

 > Hi All

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I use OE on my PC at home and just tried sending myself mail with & in the
Worked just fine sending and receiving.
Myhost uses a unix server though.
It's possible that you may have to change some kind of permission in the
server to accept the & and other special characters.

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