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The former web designer of the pages I'm working on used an older
version of DreamWeaver to set up the pages.  She used the MS extension
<bgsound> to get a song to play in the background of the main page.
Since (1) this is not HTML 4.01 standard and (2) I personally hate
songs that play in the background anyway, but since (3) the page
owners think this song is really cool, what alternatives do I have to,
say, ALLOW the user to CHOOSE to click and play the song, which will
be HTML 4.01 legal, and which will discourage, if not prevent,
wholesale downloading of the song?

Re: Alternative to

declared in alt.html:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

<a href="mysong.mp3">Play music</a>

Quoted text here. Click to load it

How is the user supposed to listen to it without downloading it?

Mark Parnell
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Re: Alternative to says...
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Make about 4 pages using <bgsound>.  Go into your boss's computer and
turn the sound up really really loud.  Then hide the sound icon so he
can not turn it off fast.  Then send him the links.

After he has had the speakers blare with the obnoxious music.  Tell him
"That, that is what our customers have to deal with.  Can I remove he
<bgsound> now?" (0_o)
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Re: adding sound (mp3) in web page

In constructing a web page using html coding (with a text editor) how is
sound in the form of mp3s integrated into a web page?

Do you need to use an absolute address for sound files to work or will a
relative address suffice?

Furthermore, does the coding need to be placed in the <HEAD> section or only
within the <BODY> section.

Richard B:)

Re: adding sound (mp3) in web page

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What we hate on the web:
 41.9% of survey respondents will avoid sites that automatically play music.

 Ways to irritate your visitors and drive them away.

 Why Playing Music on your Web Site is a Bad Idea

Dan's Web Tips: Sounds

Web Browsing Pet Peeves

 13 Design rules that every Web site designer should know about,39024698,20265086,00.htm

Mortal Sins of Web Design

How Do I Incorporate Sound Into My Website?
The right answer to this question is: You don't.
To put it bluntly, your business is with the visitor's browser, not with
their speakers. Playing music on your site is a great way to alienate people
and keep them from coming back.

Consider these scenerios:
  1.. Visitor "A" is goofing off at work. Congratulations, you just got him
in trouble with his boss when he landed on your site and had a song
automatically play as soon as the page loaded.
  2.. Visitor "B" is listening to his own CD. Congratulations, you just made
him angry because he now has two songs playing simultaneously, neither of
which sound good anymore because they're both running together.
  3.. Visitor "C" simply doesn't share your taste in music. He decides to
click away because he doesn't want to be subjected to a song he doesn't
In any of the above cases, NOBODY is going to take the time to reach over
and turn down their speakers or fumble with his task bar just to avoid your
music. They're just going to click away and go to a site whose webmaster
understands not to intrude upon them like that.

I'll bet ANYONE my month's paycheck that we can take a sample of any 100
sites with autoloading music vs. 100 sites without and the "sessions" and
"repeat visits" of the no-music sites will be a higher ratio compared to
overall hits. If you're a band or otherwise in the business of music and
you'd like to share samples of your work, by all means, do so. However,
music should be provided ONLY by giving the visitor a choice to listen to
the song before the actual music begins. Please note: Giving them a choice
to turn the music OFF is not the correct option.

By following the above advice - incorporating sound is simple. Provide a
link as you would any other file. Like so:
<a href="path/file.mp3">Listen to our song</a> is all you need!


Re: adding sound (mp3) in web page

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Let the visitor decide, don't attempt to "integrate" it:

You should consider offering two options: download and streaming:


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