Aliasing an URL

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Hi there,

Suppose I have this two urls:


And suppose that I have access to both of their httpdocs, etc (all
their Apache's internalities),
in their respective servers.

Now, what I intend to do is this:
1. Whenever I paste/click on "" in browser address bar, it
will show all the
"" content in it including all the CGI apps that come with

2. No redirecting page should appear when we paste/click on

3. Whenever the content and CGI apps is accessed/showed for
    the address bar should keep showing "".

Thanks and hope to hear from you again.


Re: Aliasing an URL

Scripsit ewijaya:

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They are real URLs, but probably not the real URLs you mean. In future,
please post the real URLs _or_ use the pseudo-domain .example to indicate
URLs as fictional.

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What do you mean by that? Why would the main page content include "all the
CGI apps"? It sounds like you would like to have all URLs starting with, eh,
redirected so that "foo" is replaced by "bar" in the server part. On Apache,
which you seem to postulate, that would mean a .htaccess file at the server
root of, containing the line
Redirect permanent / /

(If you want temporary redirection only, omit the word permanent.)

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There won't be when you do HTTP redirect as above.

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Why? Why would you show a wrong URL? People who write it down would try to
use it later, and then they would fail to reach your site whenever the
redirecting server is down or disconnected or horribly slow even
though the real server is up and running quite happily.

There are ways to fake the content as coming from an address different from
the real one (frames are the simple trick that people do when they are
ashamed of using some free web space), but let's first see your real

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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