"aggregation / reader validation" time?

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I am getting rather famiilar with RSS., but I still have a few

I set up my RSS link at
http://www.ottawa-theologyontap.com/rss/latest_resources.xml , but when
I use a reader (eg. I am using yahoo.ca), the items titles show up, but
there is no header information..at first.  It seems that it only after
a few hours??  the header information (name of the site), comes
through.  Is this right?

Yet.... on more formal sites (like cnn.com), when I add a new RSS feed,
the header information comes through immediately.  I thought initially
that I coded my XML wrong, so I literally stole one of CNNs XML sorce
codes and used it to make mine.

So my question is this:
1) Is it true that a sort of "aggregation / reader validation" occurs?
1b) on sites that are formal (like cnn or sony.com) is this somehow

Please HELP!

Re: "aggregation / reader validation" time?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I get a 404 for that address so I can't test to see if your problem
happens for me.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Have you tried with any other readers other than Yahoo? Try with the
built in reader in FireFox, Opera or IE7.

I would guess that the delay is a 'feature' of Yahoo and that popular
feeds like CNN, etc. are cached by Yahoo and hance don't suffer from
this effect.

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