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Here's the challenge. For personal purposes -- my harddrive and DVDs only,
not online -- I want to design html photo albums. I have two concerns:

i. the future evolution of html / css may render some current tags,
attributes or techniques obsolete.
ii. if I re-size my images for today's current monitors they may be too
small for comfortable viewing for future monitors which I expect will get
only bigger.

To get around i. I intend to stick as much as possible to a simple tags
only, probably just <p> and <br>. I'm debating whether to use tables or css
for layout. My instinct is to use tables as I figure they will always be
around, whereas using the attributes for <divs> and <spans> may change in
ways I can't even begin to guess right now. Or perhaps I should just not use
either but stick to a simple "one column" format.

To get around ii. my solution is to create smaller versions of the originals
and reference these in my page, but omitting the height and width
attributes. If the need to change the size arises in the future, I figure I
can just resize the images. That way, there'll be no need to go through all
my pages and (painfully) replace the dimensions in the <img> tag.

Your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and / or clever workarounds are solicited.


Re: Advice / opinions re html / css photo albums

Michael Laplante wrote:

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Changes to HTML and CSS are unlikely to make any significant differences to
authoring practises in the short to mid-term. Certainly things are not
going to start breaking.

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Keep your original files as well as scaled down ones for display in
webpages / on TV screens.

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Learn a programming language. Looking at the physical dimensions of an image
and outputting height and width attributes based on that is really pretty

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