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Can Someone please help

I am trying to prove that it is possible for a website to automatically
enter itself into your favorites without your knowledge

can anyone give me any links to any web sites that shpow how this is done or
have some code so I can prove it

I really need this and would greatly appreciate it


Re: adding to favorites

That's coherent to cheating your visitor.
Might be revolutionary for you... but serious people wouldn't come back to
your page
People rather choose to bookmark and put url's in appropriate folders.
Think about it.


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Re: adding to favorites

Hi Michel

i agree and thats my point

i am being accused of having websites in my favorites list that i know I
have never visited

I am trying to prove that it is possible

I know pressing CTRL+D will bookmark a website without telling you

is it possible to simulate that on a web page

I really need help



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Re: adding to favorites

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Ah, so you mean that site you __never have visited __  have bookmarked you
automatically when you __HAVE been__ there? ;) After all that "code" must
been somewhere, no?

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My bet would be that it's more likely some program, trojan, or spyware in
your system that would have "bookmarked" that place if you have mysterious

Re: adding to favorites

Mark Barr wrote:

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I'm not sure that it is. Internet Explorer (and most other browsers) have
Javascript functions that will bookmark pages, but they always pop up
windows saying something along the lines of "Do you really want a
bookmark? If so, where do you want it and what do you want it to be called?"

In Internet Explorer, ActiveX may provide a loophole around the popup.

But it is more likely that you have installed some piece of software that
has added the bookmarks. Lots of file sharing programs do this apparently.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: adding to favorites

Sounds to me like You are just unwilling to admit to your gal that you've
been bashing the bishop behind her back.... I don't know of any code that
can do this... Unless you have ticked a "don't show me this message again"
in one of microsofts multiple magic boxes.


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Re: adding to favorites

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Gator and other spyware is installed quite often by different P2P programs
like kazaa, imesh and such. Their lisences probably mention (very nicely
hidden so if you do not read all text you do not see that...) they are gonna
install some "3rd party" stuffs or something, and when you do not bother to
read and just hit AGREE (=with that you GIVE permission for them DO such
thing that is) and install things... Well, what else there is expected
besides lotsa spyware in system :)

There are some cases when gator, bonzi buddy etc kinda junk are installed
without mention in lisence, but those cases one can complaint about that
actually to creator of program and companies behind that particular
spyware... Then again, complaining might not work.

Best is not install any junk, or if you do install things, atleast DO run
AdAware ( and/or Spybot Seek & Destroy
( ) and maybe also Spywareblaster just to be sure that in
your system no extra crap is installed

Re: adding to favorites

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See /

To make a long story short, there are problems with some ActiveX
controls and Java (in some versions of MSIE) that allow websites to
download files to your hard drive without your permission. On Windows
systems, Internet Explorer "favorites" are stored as small text files
in the \WINDOWS\Favorites folder, so adding a favorite is relatively
simple. More callous sites will even reset your browser's homepage
and search pages.

Supposedly, these security holes are fixed in current versions of
MSIE, but you never know with Microsoft. (Or you could be using
unpatched versions of the software.)

Anyway, everyone who told you this wasn't possible owes you an
apology. Here's a Google Groups search that will turn up a fair
number of old complaints:

I hope this helps you keep your job, girlfriend, and whatever else
may be jeopardy.

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Re: adding to favorites

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003 11:59:45 -0000, "Mark Barr"

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PC Magazine ran an article a few months ago about spyware; I don't
know if it will answer your specific question, but it will give you a
general idea about what kind of mischief is around. See:


I might also suggest that you upgrade to a more secure browser.


Nick Theodorakis
nicholas_theodorakis [at] urmc [dot] rochester [dot] edu

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