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How hard is it too add a forum? Basically adding a freely scripted

Big question I know.... and please if your answer is, maybe its time to
hire a professional, then just don't type anything. Because that really
doesn't help worth a shit.


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Gazing into my crystal ball I observed writing in

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It depends on what you have on the server.  There are plenty of free
scripts around that are very easy to implement.  Just change a few lines
in the config file and you're ready to go.

But, you really need to shop around.  Some are better than others.

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Re: adding a forum wrote:
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It is easy for some but difficult for others. If you know what you are
doing then it's easy, if you don't then it's not so easy.

You don't mention what server you are running? But if you have php and
mysql installed and working on the server then adding a php/mysql based
forum is basically as simple as unzipping the forum software to a
directory on your web server and running the install script. Check out for a nice free and easy to install php/mysql
forum software.

If that sounds too difficult then there are also many services that
offer free hosting and installation of forums, for example:


Re: adding a forum wrote:
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I could easily add a phpBB forum at my site from the control panel of
my host. To see how it is done there, go to . Then look for "adding
features to your website" and find "phpBB forum" under that. There are
some hosts that do not allow forums. Of course if you own your own
server you can put up a BB forum, but it may be more difficult to
install since you do not have an easy install routine already in place.
Make sure you keep the forum updated. Forums have been a favorite
target of hackers in recent years. One forum I view was hacked and very
nasty letters were emailed to all members under the owner's name. He
had to email everyone to explain the situation and then had to update
the forum code. I use a Unix server, but the phpBB would also work on a
Microsoft server that my host can provide rather than a Unix one. I
would find a forum requires more time than I wish to expend. Also it
seems that the owner of a forum too often has to break up cat fights,
etc. At least you can set up the forum so that passwords are required
to post and you can ban trouble makers.

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