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I am writing a very complicated webapp for a company. One thing that
it includes is ActiveX. I use is the Microsoft ListView Control 6.0
(SP4) (CLSID:BDD1F04B-858B-11D1-B16A-00C0F0283628). Before I explain
the problem, here is the code I am using:

<object name="titlelist" id="listbox"
width="400" height="195">

And then I use a bunch of VBScript to populate the control. Everything
worked great on my development XP machine.

Later on, I booted up Virtual PC to do some testing. I booted up a
clean install of XP and the control wouldn't load. It would come up
asking if I wanted to download the Microsoft Common Controls and I
would click yes. It would install but the control would just have the
little icon with the colored shapes on it in the top-left corner of
the control.

Confused I booted up W2K (clean install), same problem. Then I booted
up 98se (also a clean install), same prompt to download control, but
after clicking yes, bam it works perfectly. That is the puzzling part.

So to recap, it works on my XP Pro system (with Visual Studio
installed), on a clean install of 98se, but not on clean installs of
W2K or XP. The problem isn't IE security because I tried it with
everything on the lowest. I've tried searching the groups, net, etc
and can't find anything that helps.

Starting to run out of options I compared the mscomctl.ocx file in my
XP sys32 dir with the one in the sys32 dir on my XP Virtual PC, same.
Installed a registry program on both and compared any referenced to
the CLSID, all the same.

Please help me out!!! If there is another group I should be posting in
let me know because I couldn't find one specifically for ActiveX.
Thanks in advance.

Re: ActiveX ListView Control

StealthMonkey said...

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30/September/2003 08:18:59 am

Re: ActiveX ListView Control says...
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Probably not any more complicated than those people here write, but here
is a link, there is also a tip on finding additional information opn
google (mind the wrapping) =

Whitecrest Entertainment

Re: ActiveX ListView Control

What that said was:
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I've already checked the ocx file:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
the sys32 dir on my XP Virtual PC, same.

Any other ideas?

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