AceHTML and Dreamweaver question

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I have been using AceHTML as editor for my web-pages for quite a few
years and within my limitations it seems to be doing whatever I want it
to do - nothing extraordinary, I assure you.  My question is: I have an
opportunity to get my hands on Macromedia Dreamweaver - what would
getting it give me that I don't have?  I ask because I have read a lot
of posts about DW but don't know the first thing about it.

Thanks in advance.
Tony Vella in Ottawa, Canada.

Re: AceHTML and Dreamweaver question

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Ace is a text editor, DreamWeaver has text editing ability, but really is
not a text editor.  Dreamweaver project tracking ability, but so does

For my money, which isn't much, I'd stay with Ace.  Actually, I'll go one
better and suggest HTML-Kit < , more
plugins and IMHO a better editor, and it's FREE.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: AceHTML and Dreamweaver question

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In addition to editing HTML (or XML, JSP, ASP etc) text with code
completion and user definable formatting Dreamweaver allows you to
edit using a visual editor and a CSS editor. The visual editor uses a
simple drag and drop metaphor to lay out or alter your page and you
don't need to look at the HTML. Similarly the CSS editor allows you to
view the CSS style(s) that affect the text or visual element you are
looking at and change it at any level. Even fairly trivial changes
adopt the idea that you should be able to edit your HTML by using the
most convenient view of it. For example, if you rename an image file
in the File View, Dreamweaver will offer to change the references to
it in all the HTML files in the project.

Of course, there will be something about Dreamweaver, apart from the
price, that is "worse" than AceHTML but I doubt if it will be a
showstopper.  The web site
< gives a better sales
pitch than I can and the free thirty day trial
provides a way to check out the details.

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