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  • Luigi Donatello Asero
  • 10-03-2003
  • Luigi Donatello Asero
  • 10-03-2003
  • I am building the website
    On the page
    I used tables and div for the layout whereas on the page I tried to use only <div>
    for the layout of the menu.
    The <div> renders well the position of the menu on the page but I cannot get
    buttons on the menu on the left side which really work as such.
    On the contrary, on the page I
    do get buttons which work but the menu on the left does not start on the
    same height as the one on the right.
    As a whole, as a person who is concerned about problems of accessibility on
    the web  I am wondering what it depends on that my buttons work if I use
    tables for the layout but do not always work if I use them without tables
    although I have heard that one should use tables only for data and not for
    the layout.
    Last but not least I am wondering whether and in which way the use of tables
    respectively <div> for the layout helps search engines to index a page and
    whether buttons help or do not help search engines at all.
    Best regards

    - -
      Luigi ( un italiano che vive in Svezia)

    Re: Accessibilty problems with

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    In the past I used frames and I made up my mind to use tables instead of
    them to help search engines and Internet users visiting the site.

    - -
      Luigi ( un italiano che vive in Svezia)

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