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I have asked some days ago, about frameset :
How can I access and change a frame in a frameset,
the obvious answer was :
window.framename.location = "a location".

When I am using frameset, I cannot use body section, so how can I do some
code to access a frameset ?


window.framename.location = "a location"  // where shoud I put this line ?
<frameset ... - Is this realy could not be done ?

I need a code sample, please.

Thanks :)

Re: Access to frameset

Ignore last message...

Instead of windows.framename.location = "a location",
I have written parent.framename.location = "a location".

Thanks anyway :)

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Re: Access to frameset

Mr. x wrote:

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in a <script language=javascript type='text/javascript'>...</script> on
in an event attribute value: onXXX="javascript:/*change location*/". if
it's a link then use <a href='...' target='location'>...</a>


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