Absolute positioning problem

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Hi everyone,

I am running into a problem with my CSS code. I am using absolute
positioning of div tags to make a table-free layout.

I have verified the CSS and the HTML with W3, and it looks fine (shows
up how I expect, and resizes nicely with the window, limiting itself at
a minimum height and width) under the browsers I have tested... with
the exception of Internet Explorer. I don't think any of my code is
trying to do something particularly special, so I assume the following:
A) Internet Explorer supports what I'm trying to do
B) My code is wrong

The site is here, and the CSS is within the HTML:

Could I please get a hand with this?

By the way, I am aware that my method of entirely transparent, blank
PNGs on top of one of the background images, used as links (instead of
an imagemap), is not going to work with old versions of IE, and I plan
to change that to... something else, I haven't decided yet :)

Thanks in advance,


Re: Absolute positioning problem

Ah, I found the problem!

My use of making the stretchable bits of this page use a distance from
each side of the parent div is not working with IE. I'm currently
changing it to use margins in order to get the constant offsets from
the sides.

Sorry for the clutter on the group,


Re: Absolute positioning problem

obarbut@gmail.com a écrit :
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Nested abs. pos. elements work accordingly in MSIE 6.

One problem I immediately see in your webpage is that a majority of your
abs. pos. nested div are empty div, empty nodes. There is nothing to

Also, you should be attentive, worrysome regarding too many nested divs.

Classitis and Divitis

A common error of beginning CSS coders is to use far too many <div> tags
and class attributes (...)

Ninety-nine out of a hundred times these complicated structures are
unnecessary. When you start writing CSS you should avoid them, instead
of thinking you found the one in hundred exception to the rule.(...)
Web Page Development: Best Practices

I am absolutely convinced you do not need all these nested divs to
render all those background-images.
You can absolutely positioned these images inside the abs. pos. <div

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Re: Absolute positioning problem

With neither quill nor qualm, obarbut@gmail.com quothed:

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IE doesn't support min- and max- stuff.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why not gifs which are supported?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

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