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Hey guys. You might actually want to advertise your site on this
because it's very cheap and could reach tens of thousands of people.
OK, what is it?

I am organizing an art project called The Wall, which is inspired by
the million dollar homepage. You can check it out at

www.seethewall.com .

Basically, I think it's a very effective way to advertise. Those who
advertised on the MDHP, for example, got huge traffic increases to
their site (something like a hundred visitors a day). So we have a
precedent that this stuff actually works well.

The huge success of Alex Tew's website was that it was so unusual and
ambitious, it made news. Once he got a few ads on the site, he
submitted a press release, and things took off by themselves from

To get MY art project on the news, I had to dream a little bigger. The
Wall is, among other things
* The first real-world object that can be viewed and modified online
* The first art exhibit I know of where anyone can pay to be part of
the art
* The first art exhibit supported entirely by its own contents

I'm confident that the site and plans for the project will make news. I
am submitting a professional press release in 2 weeks (to be seen by
35000 journalists around the country), the point being that I want to
generate the same traffic that the milliondollarhomepage enjoyed --
curious people coming to see it for themselves, telling their friends
and so forth.

But until I have at least 10 ads on the site, I can't submit a press
release! The idea has to be interesting, or it won't make news. That's
why The Wall can' t be empty when people see it for the first time.
Once I find ten advertisers to believe in this idea, it will happen...
i.e. in a month and a half your ad can be on a large electronic art
installation in NYC (as well as www.seethewall.com) which will get tens
of thousands of visitors.

WALL? Would you want thousands of more visitors in the next several
weeks? It will only happen if I get past this first stage -- of finding
at least 10 advertisers to take a chance and invest in the site.

Hey, Alex Tew had to bug people to advertise on his site in the
beginning, too! And look how that turned out :-)

Gregory Magarshak

Re: About promoting your website, something totally new: check this out

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I have an advert of MDHP and it gets nothing like 100 a day, more like 2 a
day. This is okay for 5+ years of ad space and will make me more than I paid
but it is not that great. Alex's site is now dropping off the charts and he
is finding it hard to complete the 1 million dollars.
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The guy had a neat idea and was first and he also got very lucky. I'm
pleased for him but his site doesn't make any traffic so it's life is
limited. I made my own clone of MDHP but it makes its own traffic. With in
the year I'm sure my site will have a higher alexa rating than Alex's will,
his will continue to drop and mine will continue to grow. If you want to see
it then http://www.pixelverts.com It's FREE so please place an ad.

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The art idea is cool and may make it a bit more popular but you are going to
need 1000's of page view a day for it to take off.

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Let me know how the press release goes. It would be interesting to see what
impact it has. Cheers, David http://www.pixelverts.com

Re: About promoting your website, something totally new: check this out

contactgreg@hotmail.com wrote:
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I hardly think 100 visitors a day is a huge increase.  If you think it
is, you're crackers.

I just love the MDHP thing, especially the dick that has the "I'm RICH
YOUR NOT" banner.  Perhaps, as whoever that belongs to is so rich, he
should go and learn the proper use of English.

It's not an "art project", it's just another form of advertising, which
is a good thing.  We're not exposed to enough advertising these days.


Re: About promoting your website, something totally new: check this out

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Hmm. Are you sure? This concept is nothing new. I saw it in the
nineties, don't remember where. (btw even my screenshot is more real)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

These two ones are much better, try to capitalize on them, especialy the
second one. But do some research to be sure you're right. However, I
would have used a real wall.
Good luck! and I hope you will find 10 advertisers.

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