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My theatre outsources ticket sales to an outside company, who then outsource
their webdesign and IT systems.

I want to link off our theatres website a link to buy tickets from the
following site
http://www.ticketsatbolton.com /
However, I want to be able to have the next show (namely Dads Army) and be
able to click to book tickets from that show. I can't copy any links, and I
know the site runs off asp but I'm no expert at ASP.

I can use the search page and a few other ways to find the show, and then
see the listing for when the tickets are available, but I just want the user
to click 'Click here to buy tickets' and then be presented with a listing,
without having to search.
I am told that I can use some parameters in a link to do this, but I don't
have a clue where to start.

Any ideas?


Re: Ability to link?

Dr. Compynei wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You can't -  They have a badly designed inaccessible (and very ugly)
site. In particular they've use JavaScript for links, which is a bad
idea in general but causes you a particular problem when you want to do
this type of linkage from the outside.

I'm not even going to begin working out a kludge around this mess. The
starting point is to fire some "web designers" who don't know the first
thing about their trade  (or at least get them to get their act
together). This booking site should be replaced forthwith, it's just
too nasty to accept.

Re: Ability to link?

Andy Dingley wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes it does appear to be a terrible website - developed by a
programming hack - even all the dates etc are hardcoded.  I
particularly like how when you have chosen a  date range from the popup
(you cannot amend it directly), it changes the format just before doing
a search.

I tried searching for Dad's Army on the site and it doesn't find
anything - just a blank page even when changing the dates for the next
12 months.

If I were the original poster, I would get in touch with the Albert
Halls Bolton (or the designers), say what they want to do and ask them
to redesign the site so that it can be found in search engines for
starters !!  If there was proper co-operation, both sites would use the
same database to at least ensure that the list of events on the 2 sites
were the same.

Rich Mellor

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