Ability to add comments to my site?

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Hey Guys and Gals

I'm a step above newbie for HTML design....

I'm making the next version of my web page about Japanese video game
consoles.  For some of the older consoles there isn't much information, and
sometimes the information that does exist can be conflicting.  For each
console I have pictures and my own information from my own research in
Japan, but I wanted to add a comment section as well.  There people will be
able to add to what I've researched;  a Wikipedia style web page for each

Any tips on the best way to do this?  Has anyone else seen a similar set-up?
I'm worried about abuse of the system, so I might just have the readers
submit their own comments to me in an email and I'll post them.  There won't
be thousands of people visiting my site each day so I'll be able to handle
the volume.  But, if there was a good way to have a stand alone message
board for each console (over 100 total) I think people would be more
inclined to post what little information they might have.


Re: Ability to add comments to my site?

Eric wrote:

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If you want something like Wikipedia, why not use MediaWiki, which is the
software Wikipedia runs on?

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The Drupal CMS (and probably others) let you add comments to just about any

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