a simple gallery in asp doesn't exist!

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I've been looking around for a very simple gallery but couldn't find
and was wondering if anyone here could help:

What I really need is something extremely simple, if only one can code
using asp. I can't :)

Basically one opens up this page and there are 50 thumbnails which are
located in 5 different folders (10 x folder). What I'd like to do is
to click on one of these thumbs and loading the fullres image in the
same window with the same layout, so that I can use just one coded
page for all the images.

I thought that a solution would be to have this "template" coded in
such a way that there's something like <img src="[imagename].jpg"> so
that in the page containing all the thumbs all I'd do was to create a
link such as <a href="page.asp?img=imagename">.. is that a possible
solution? Problem is I don't know how to do that :)

I'd also love to have some text underneath the image, but I understand
that that's something different from the code I mentioned..

Thanx anyway, guys!



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