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Re: correction: A question about css

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Well, yeah, but it could all be a ruse.  Like what part of himself does
he invite you to bite?

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I hope not.


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Re: correction: A question about css (was: A question about css)

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font-size:small correspond with size=3D"2"

Re: correction: A question about css

On Mon, 8 Mar 2010 13:14:25 -0800 (PST), Roy A. wrote:

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thank you. I was trying to show how the poster could achieve the same
results in css with what he wanted.
font-weight or font-size is proper, just need to know which value works.

Re: correction: A question about css

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Both properties "work". Only *one* of them works to set the font *size*. See
if you can figure out which one it is.

When I first started lurking in this ng, I thought the others were being nasty
and mean when they referred to you as "Richard the Stoopid".

I no longer think that.

Re: correction: A question about css (was: A question about css)

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Oh my. Size in a font element corresponds to font-size in CSS, though with
different units.

As usual you are totally wrong Bullis. You can't even correct your own
stupid mistakes without making even bigger stupid mistakes.

Please do not give *ANY* further advice relating to CSS. You obviously have
absolutely no bloody clue.

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And don't quote that place as a source of information. It's full of
mistakes, although they are not as stupendously bad as yours.

Re: correction: A question about css

On Mon, 08 Mar 2010 22:56:31 GMT, rf wrote:

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What a dipshit you are.
Size="2" refers to the 9 levels of text size found in the drop down file
menu list of the browser. You know where it asks if you want the text
larger, smaller, etc?
"Size" could care less what the actual font size is.

Font-size, however, is more specific. That will determine how the actual
text is displayed.

Re: correction: A question about css

richard wrote:

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Quit talkin' to yourself, RtS!!!1!!!!

You didn't know what you were doing, and repeatedly proved it.

   -Four wheels carry the body; two wheels move the soul

Re: correction: A question about css

On 2010-03-09 12:06, richard wrote:
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I really did not want to get into this ridiculous thread, but this is
something I cannot ignore.

Please, please learn more about CSS before giving advice, because almost
all of your advice has been wrong.

Regarding the FONT SIZE attribute:  the HTML spec says that there are 7
levels, not 8 or 9, and that some browsers might not render all 7 sizes:
  see section 15.2.2 of the HTML 4.01 spec.

Regarding the FONT SIZE attribute:  3 is supposed to correspond to
font-size:medium, though Internet Explorer implemented this wrongly for
a long time.  See section 15.7 of the CSS 2.1 spec.

Regarding the CSS font-size property:  you said that font-size is more
specific than the HTML's FONT SIZE values, but this depends on a lot of
factors.  If you use font-size:medium, for example, this is supposed to
match HTML's FONT SIZE=3, which is neither more nor less specific. If,
on the other hand, you specify sizes in pizels, points, picas, etc., the
sizes might *appear* to be more specific, however, the actual sizes
rendered can be affected by factors such as zooming and minimum font
sizes.  A common problem with people who design for Internet Explorer,
for example, is that they assume that sizes such as font-size:12px will
set a fixed, specific font size -- perhaps this is what you mean by
"specific" -- however, zooming can change this, so that actual sizes
rendered may be more or less than 12px, and this can result in all kinds
of rendering problems which users of old versions of Internet Explorer
will rarely see, but which users of better browsers will often see.
Finally, remember that all CSS rules are suggestions, and browsers can
and do ignore the suggestions, e.g. for accessibility reasons.

Again, you should learn HTML and CSS better, because your advice has
shown that your knowledge is abymally wrong.  One useful thing for you
to do would be to validate all of your code -- which you should be doing
anyway -- for if you had validated the faulty HTML and CSS which you
have been offering, the validators would have pointed out your errors,
and you could have ruminated over the error messages and been able to
correct your defects.  You might even learn something by using the
validators, though perhaps I am being overly optimistic.

Re: correction: A question about css (was: A question about css)

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Nice try, but when someone previously picked you up on the error you

----- Begin Quote -----

You've never heard of the font sizing using numbers alone as in the
"200" I showed?
As you know, there are 8 levels of text size. In CSS these 8 levels
are represented by the numbers 100,200,300..........800.
There is nothing else to include such as em, px, or %.
THe OP was using size="2". The valid numbers for "size" are 1 through
Migration into CSS just changed this value to include "00".
So as not to confuse the number notation used like with "H2".

----- End Quote -----

<http://groups.google.com/group/alt.html/browse_thread/thread/49b271c2b6764b68/bea860c22b8ce835?q=#bea860c22b8ce835 .

You made a mistake, one of many, tried to justify it and when that
didn't work you went trawling through Google for something to help you
save face.

1/10 for effort.
Martin Jay
Back the Ban: <http://www.backtheban.com/
League Against Cruel Sports: <http://www.league.org.uk/

Re: correction: A question about css (was: A question about css)

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Surely time to stop this one against Richard? This is alt.html,
after all!

What do you expect a bloke to do when rounded on? Where he can't
do what any self respecting truckie would do: that is grab a
handy iron bar from the driver's cabin and ward off his

Perhaps he was having a bad day, it should generally be
sufficient to correct his mistakes. We all make them and the
pleasures of correcting people should be sufficient joy.

I say unto you all, do not make a far bigger mistake than
Richard. Beyond the Gates of St Peter's, there Richard will be,
his minor mistakes forgiven in the The Big Scheme of Things,
swaning it up, among heavenly virgins, spent German and Belgium
beer stubbies around, half empty Black Label whiskey bottles,
Portuguese food and other types laid out in sumptuous spreads...

But, back at the Gates themselves, here will be a big crowd held
up, tangled in bureaucratic negotiations, many trying very hard
to save more than their faces.

"Sure", one heavenly official will be saying, "correcting a
person's mistakes, even taking pleasure in it is one thing,
but... the *level* of vituperation directed needs to have been
watched carefully...". He then waves his arm in the direction of
a set of concrete seats where there is a cold wind blowing and
light rain falling, even the occasional hailstone with a "I am
afraid we have to take a closer look at this. Please go sit over
there for a while".


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