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 Hello all:

Please check the following website...


First off, I'm sure I'll get some criticism as to what's wrong with this
website and that's what I'm looking for. Also, I want to redesign this page
to look somewhat like this...


This is basically showing that I want to keep the meat of the page in the
center and that there will be no browser discrepancies if a higher
resolution is set.

Can I get some pointers and advice as to how to achieve this?



Re: A New Design...

Montgomery BOO...URNS wrote:

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Your page uses an odd mix of modern and deprecated markup.

Perhaps your source of information
is old.  Try changing to more modern markup.
The most common sympton of deprecated markup is
placing instructions about where or how a thing is displayed in
the (X)HTML markup instead of CSS.

In this case, it is also a bad case of 'divitus'.
You are using divs for almost everything.
You should instead use semantic markup.  There is a special
tag for almost anything you'll need, but you are ignoring
these tags.

The thing that is really going to drive your visitors
to distraction is the download time.  You're doing something
strange with the background images that takes forever.
You are aware that you can set a single tiny image for the
whole body that repeats and downloads in an instant?

Move the CSS out to its own file so other pages can use it.

Finally, was there really a need to multipost in this case?
(new, version 1.1)

Re: A New Design...

mbstevens wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

And I forgot to mention the image-based navigation,
which also contributes to the slow download time,
and which is harmful to accessibility.

Re: A New Design...

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005 15:37:18 -0700, "Montgomery BOO...URNS"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Looks OK, but technically the coding sucks.

As a rough guess, you fired up some design package like Frontpig or
Dreamweaver, pressed a few buttons and it spat this mess out. The code
is ugly - no human would write this mess,.

First off, it's all based on absolute positioning and pixel sizes. This
is bad - the web is about content, not desktop publishing.

Secondly, there's an ugly mixture of layout tables and CSS. Do one or
the other, don't mix them like this - that's throwing away all the
advantages and getting twice the drawbacks.

Thirdly there's a lot of graphic images involved in building this page,
yet it's visually pretty boring and isn't a graphically intensive
design. It's dog slow to load, which I think is because there are
repeated identical images to draw the background, each of which is too
big anyway.

Fourthly you should look at accessibility. The nav menus could barely
work harder to more inaccessible.

Fifth I think the server config is broken. There's something funny about
the redirects it serves and it confuses the hell out of

Go read a decent text on accessibility - try Joe Clark's "Building
Accessible Websites", which you can read on-line for free at
http://www.joeclark.org/book/sashay/serialization /

Any half-decent web geek could fix this site up in no time.

Re: A New Design...

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Actually the program used to develop this page was, of all
programs --cough--, QuarkXpress.  This is, by far, THE WORST program for
WYSIWYG web design and layout.  I only used it because I'm very familiar
print-wise the power that Quark has.  As for designing web pages - it's
terrible!!  In fact, I have shamed the web coding community for using this
program for such a task and I should have my hands smacked 10 times with a
wooden ruler.  This is the reason for the mulititudes of absolute
positioning and pixel resizing that's so unhuman it's not funny!

Thanks for the tip on the eBook.  I will read it thoroughly!

Thanks again!


Re: A New Design...

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005 15:37:18 -0700, Montgomery BOO...URNS wrote:

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Don't put up "Under Construction" parts of the website at all.  If a
section is not yet complete, then DON'T publish it at all.


No one is going to, to quote that section, "Check Back Soon For Updates".

All of my other complaints have been addressed by other posters.

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Re: A New Design...

Actually, the way I learned it, one should never use "Under Construction"
because it's redundant (web sites should always be under construction). And
you have to give them a reason for wanting to "check back soon".



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