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Below is a simple code I am using to generate a list of zip codes by
I have the states arranged in the left column.
Zipcodes in the right column.

If you do programming with php or javascript you probably understand
most of it.

items in [ ] are called branch labels. They replace line numbers.

cls - clear screen
div - creates a division.

First, I create an array that contains all the states and each state
is numbered. This is all printed to the screen in leftcol.

link - creates an anchor tag. The structure basically says "create
this link giving it the id of #uniquename, using the text to be
underlined and sending it to this destination".

EventKey$ - traps which link was clicked on.
Similar to onclick.

A second array contains the zip codes and city names.
That gets printed in rightcol.
If you click on say "Alabama", that list is printed in rightcol.
If you then click on "Kentucky", Alabama's list is erased and replaced
with Kentucky.

ek$ = ""

div leftcol
for i = 1 to 50
st$ = "#st" + right$("0" + str$(i), 2)
text$ = st$(i)
link #st$, text$,[Display]
next i
end div

div rightcol
div newstate

print azip$(v,1)

for n=3 to 70
if azip$(v,n)>"" then
link #lk$, text$, [display]
end if
next n
end div
end div



goto [start]

Re: a look ar run basic coding

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So why are you posting here? This is a group devoted to arguing if lists
must never go in HTML tables or how much presentational content is
inherent in HTML elements and what use are they without a bit of CSS

alt.php sound like it is for you.


Re: a look ar run basic coding

On Sat, 07 Mar 2009 16:20:55 +1100, dorayme

Quoted text here. Click to load it

<TR><TD><SPAN CLASS="bodybold"><A HREF="/zipcodes/48/48002.html">48002
zip code </A></SPAN></TD><TD><SPAN
CLASS="body">Allenton</SPAN></TD><TD><SPAN CLASS="body">Michigan
</SPAN></TD><TD><SPAN CLASS="body">Saint Clair</SPAN></TD><TD><SPAN

This is taken from Brainyzip.com to show you what all is needed in
html to achieve the same basic thing that I am doing.

In run basic I can create a complex table quicker and with less
In run basic, one shortcut code replaces a lot of hand coded text like
the anchor tag.
if I want to write code in actual html, then I would use the html
html "<div class="sample">this are a test</div>"
If I wanted to show the above line as including the tags then I would
use print instead of html.

Run Basic is a very powerful tool. You might want to give it a try.

Re: a look ar run basic coding

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He probably posts there too. Spammers don't worry too much about the
relevance of their product to the group.

Re: a look ar run basic coding

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I had and have no notion of this poster being a spammer... but, being
early morning Monday and all, I won't pursue this matter.


Re: a look ar run basic coding


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You have no clues as what spam is in usenet.
I do not post to this group as frequently as you think and I surely do
not post spam.
Neither do I post to alt.php, although I have in the past.

Commenting on a way to do things, showing how to do it, is not spam.

Re: a look ar run basic coding

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You are correct. True spam has to be done in bulk. A single post in
alt.fashion for one of those "designer watches" is not spam but merely
informing them how to buy a designer watch. Indeed, a single post in
this news group telling us how to buy a designer watch or explaining
something else that has very little to do with HTML is not spam even
if it is just intended to sell a product.

To be fair, I am beginning to doubt that you _are_ trying to sell the
product. It seems that what you produce is of such quality that you
must realise it would not promote Run Basic. Why are you posting it?

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