A little help with tables...

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I can't seem to get my table to work how I would like it to, I'm sure
it's something silly but I can't see it and I've tried I don't know how
many different colspan combinations....

I would like a table consisting of:

six buttons in a row all equal size
two boxes, left with picture, right with text *but* able to determine
the size of each so they are not equal nor tied to a split between boxes
for the buttons.

Now, from my understanding this would be:

    <td width="600" colspan="6">
    <td> etc six times
    <td width="400">
        picture on left
    <td width="200">
        text on right
Where am I going wrong?

All of the tutorials on the net don't seem to cover this sort of thing....

Currently the picture box is locked to the end of the first button box
(and thus is not size 400, it's the same size as the button box 100).

If I colspan the picture box 2, and the text box 4, it works but the
size of the buttons are affected, they are no longer all equal or the
picture box just gets tied to the break for button 2 and not button 1.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Re: A little help with tables...



I spent ages looking for answer and as soon as I post this question I
find it!!!



My blog - http://degeneratemoo.livejournal.com

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