A little advice with some frames

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Hi all

Need a quick bit of advice with some frames.

I am creating a webpage using a set of frames, and this has to be visible in
both IE and Netscape.

I have used the following code to create the frames:-

<FRAMESET COLS="15%, 70%, 15%" frameborder="0" framespacing="0" border="0">

 <FRAME SRC="blankleft.html" NAME="left" SCROLLING="auto" NORESIZE>

 <FRAMESET ROWS="15%, 70%, 15%"  frameborder="0" framespacing="0"

  <FRAME SRC="blanktop.html" NAME="top" SCROLLING="no" NORESIZE>

  <FRAME SRC="middle.html" NAME="middle" SCROLLING="auto" NORESIZE>

  <FRAME SRC="blankbase.html" NAME="bottom" SCROLLING="no" NORESIZE>


 <FRAME SRC="blank.html" NAME="right" SCROLLING="no" NORESIZE>

All is fine and dandy in IE, but in Netscape I have two frames with borders,
one vertical, one horizontal.

Any ideas??



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