A Legal Question (slightly off-topic)

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I have a question that's more about what can legally be done on and with a
web site than how to design it.
I have a pair of political sites (http://www.geocities.com/saveamerica21 and
http://tripod.saveamerica.com ) and was wondering if and how I can ask for
contributions or "tips" and possibly eventually sell bumper stickers and
such from it (all via PayPal for now). Save America in the 21st Century
(SA21) is by no means an official organization nor would it be non-profit if
it was, considering its right-wing slant, so any contributions would
strictly be gifts. The money would be used to perhaps move SA21 towards
being a political advocacy group with an independent website and a more
structured design. Right now, it's just something where I can share my views
with others, but I'm nowhere near a rich man so I thought maybe I could make
some money with it.


Stephan G. Kirsch

P.S. The idea came to me from Kim Komando (www.komando.com) but I saw
nothing of it on her website, just heard it on a two minute blurb the local
station does in the morning to promote her weekend show.

Re: A Legal Question (slightly off-topic)

While the city slept, PowerSlave2112 (ps@ilu.tn) feverishly typed...

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This is more than slightly off-topic! You may want to look at:
http://www.irs.gov /

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No kidding? ;-) Anyway, I'm curious... why do suppose it can't be
non-profit, just because of the political shade?


Nigel Moss
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Re: A Legal Question (slightly off-topic)

PowerSlave2112 wrote:
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| Illegal immigrants steal jobs from honest Americans

People only hire them because they'll do the job better/cheaper.

| Our commercial sector is bogged down by laws that favor labor unions and
| workers, who only get hurt in the long run.

The right-wing agenda, if I understand it, is that people should do what
helps them personally, and helps their family, rather than worry about
what benefits the community as a whole.

The average American worker that's a member of a union earns about $1000
per year more that the average American worker who is not a union member.

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions on that one.

| One Superpower is enough

One too many.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: A Legal Question (slightly off-topic)

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Actually, most are hired to do jobs that Americans think is beneath them.
Most illegal immigrants are employed as day laborers, in warehouses, or
doing farm work such as picking strawberries, etc.

In terms of cheaper, a lot of female illegals are employed as domestic help
at roughly 1/4 that of what a qualified American would charge.

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The difference is MUCH greater when you compare it on a per-job basis.
Non-union electrician will get paid about $12-14 an hour.
Member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will get $19-23 an
hour once they've topped out (meaning they've achieved full Journeyman
Wireman status.

-Karl Core
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Re: A Legal Question (slightly off-topic)

(karl@NOSPAMkarlcore.com) dropped a +5 bundle of words...

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If they're lucky. If they're not, they have other labors to perform, most
likely seeing nothing from it.

Starshine Moonbeam
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Re: A Legal Question (slightly off-topic)

: Save America in the 21st Century

You needed a program in Columbus' time...


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