A Good Webpage Designer?

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Dear HTMLers and JavaScripters:

     I am currently using Dreamweaver.  I am considering switching,
because of a few missing features and a nasty UI problem with search
and replace.  (On the last, it is all too possible to have the focus
not where I am expecting and to cause code to disappear.)

     I generally prefer code to pictures.

     What are your suggestions, and why?


Gene Wirchenko

Re: A Good Webpage Designer?

Gene Wirchenko wrote on 17 mei 2012 in comp.lang.javascript:

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I love pretty code, but a pretty picture can replace a 1000 lines of code.
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I don't think web-design outside Javascript is on topic here.

For clientside Javascript design I would suggest a good script-colouring
editor, as I would for other uses of Javascript engines [serverside
scripting, c/wscript, etc].

A clipboard extender capable of using usermade directories is a big help.

When using multiple instances of editors, manuals and perhaps multiple
target browsers, multiple screen setup is a must.

The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots in my emailaddress)

Re: A Good Webpage Designer?

On Thursday, May 17, 2012 1:59:16 PM UTC-4, Gene Wirchenko wrote:
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It's hard to find a decent IDE for web design, at least in my experience. D=
W is probably the best, and if you paid for a copy of it, I would hang on t=
o it. Maybe do your search and replace in a text editor, like Notepad++ (wh=
ich is what I use), or NoteTab (which is what I used to use), or UltraEdit =
(which is what most people use). (Assuming you're on Windows.)

MS has been putting out a lot of new stuff along these lines. If you Google=
 for it, you'll find they have some pay stuff, and free stuff. I found this=


and I think there is a free kind of Visual Studio set up for web design, as=
 well. MS is good with code completion, although all the software mentioned=
 will do syntax highlighting.

Hope you're well.

Re: A Good Webpage Designer?

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The Zeus editor has suport for HTML and JavaScript.

    http://www.zeusedit.com /

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Zeus has the standard features like syntax highlighting,
code folding etc.

But Zeus also integrates with JSLint and HTML tidy for
code validation.

NOTE: Zeus is shareware and only runs on the Windows platform.

Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus Editor

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