a good html editor??

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I need an HTML editor, preferably with WYSIWIG editing that will allow
me to make changes to a template, and have whatever changes I make to
the template roll through all the pages on the hard drive. (Or the
pages I want, anyway.)

For example, if I want to change the links at the top of my home page,
I shouldn't have to go through all of the pages and change the links
at the top of every one.

I'm aware of "server side includes", but I can't find anything that
will "include" changes to the files on my local computer.

Any recommendations to an HTML editor would be appreciated!

Other needs: if possible, I'd like to keep the cost down to under a
couple hundred, I'm reasonably familiar with HTML, just OK with CSS,
but I really just want to put up a simple website without having to go
through a big learning curve.



Re: a good html editor??

On 22 May 2007 17:55:45 -0700, Zildjian232@gmail.com wrote:

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Well, there is no true WYSIWYG on the web.  The last part, "WYG" isn't
there.  There is no "What you get" because the Web is not paper.  The
web is a flexible, interactive medium that is different from paper and
any other media.

There are folks our there, including MicroS___, who will sell you what
they say is a WTSIWYG editor, but they are lying to you about the WYG
part.  That's just the way the web is.

http://pages.prodigy.net/chris_beall/TC /

Re: a good html editor??

Zildjian232 wrote:

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