A glitch?

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G'day everyone,

I've finally bit the bullet and started to learn CSS.,and I seem to have a
problem I cannot fix.

When I view the page in IE, the right column for some reason has it's
contents right at the bottom, where in FireFox the contents are at the top
(where they ought to be).

Even more strange, sometimes in IE the contents will mysteriously appear at
the top and stay there. It seems to be completely random, sometimes it's at
the bottom and sometimes it's at the top. But once it appears at the top,
it'll stay there.

I'm getting very confused. It behaves perfectly in Firefox, and on Safari
and IE for the Mac.

Here is the URL to the test page:

Username >> Public
Password>> guestaccess

I would be most grateful if anyone could help!!!



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Re: A glitch?

Blade wrote:
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Er... I think you've told us the wrong password (either that or I typed
it incorrectly six times...).

Safalra (Stephen Morley)
http://www.safalra.com/hypertext /

Re: A glitch?

While the city slept, Safalra (usenet@safalra.com) feverishly typed...

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I found that too! I entered the username as "public" (i.e. lower case "p"
instead of upper case) and it let me in.


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Re: A glitch?

Ooops....I offically can't type. Yeah it's a little p....sorry about that,
I'm so embarrassed.

I put a password on there becuase it's the only way I know of to keep the
bots out of it......



P.S. This error is so random, I'm pulling out all my hair :0\

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