A frame for my buttonized pictures?

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Hello, this is a sample of what I have in my site:


As you see, the photo has a sort of frame, and clicking on any part of =
it or on the photo=20
you go to another part of the site.

I should like having a "real" photo frame like this sample:


How could it be realized? Thank you.

Italo (from Italy)=20

Re: A frame for my buttonized pictures?

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Depends how good you are with photoshop or the like. There are
two ways to do this.

1. One is to combine photoframe.jpg with the picture of bird
(U0044-001-GM1tt-.jpg) in one file and simply to be rid of the


2. The other way is to substitute the 'frame' given by
sfondo42.jpg for a frame made up by you from photoframe.jpg.

photoframe.jpg is a very badly taken photo, in that the camera
'film' plane was not true and square to the picture. So it makes
the following just that harder:

You need to select just the frame (the outside outline will do)
and then reduce the width and increase the height (yes,
technically distorting it, but it will be OK). Once prepared, you
could substitute the result for the present background image of

The first option is easier. But if your intention is to have all
sorts of photos (of the same size) going there at different
times, you will need to do the second thing I mention.

Choosing a simple frame (more like what you actually have) will
make life easier. There are lots to choose from.


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