a few css questions...

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hi all,

i'm (still) working on implementing the 'sliding doors' model to create a
horizontal tab navigation. i just have a few more problems to conquer...

1. IE is not rendering the page as well as firefox. the images in the tabs
are not aligned correctly. i've done some reading and it seems to be a
'whitespace' bug. still, i cannot seem to fix it.

2. i'd like to set a width for the tab menu and sub menu so that it is at
least 800px wide. currently, if you resize the window the tabs will drop on
to a second line. i can set the width to do this, but then i cannot get it
to center. plus, i'd really like to align the sub menu to the left, so that
the first item lines up with the left edge of the first tab.

3. finally, i'd like to drop the sub menu items down about 10px or so...and
fix the bit of whitespace beneath the blue dividing line that sits above the
main content.

here is the link to my test page:

thanks in advance to any takers...

Re: a few css questions...

lol...almost forgot the most important thing...

how can i remove the horizontal whitespace between the tabs??

thanks again...

Re: a few css questions...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is hard to know what is intended, very little appears on your
website in any of my browsers... (Safari, Mozilla)

You have no doctype, mistakes in table html ("rows" in table
tag?), missing end tags for span in first list item, in the css
you have no units with some numbers, I don't think
text-decoration can be "normal"

Try validating, getting rid of <font> tags (you do have a css
sheet, use it!), deprecated other tags like <center>, and
generally doing the basics right before sliding any doors ...


Re: a few css questions...

dorayme wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
And I would add that the formatting of some of the source is so strange
that I can't imagine anyone making sense of it easily.

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