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Hi everyone,

I have the pleasure to introduce to you our free hosting service

We are offering the fallowing futures for free!
- 20 GB of free space and bandwidth
- PHP 5 and MySQL 5 support
- FTP access
- Email forwards
- Host up to 2 domains or use our free Subdomain
-  Free, fast and automatic signup !
- Fast, stable and secure servers
- NO ADS !

You can signup right now by going to www.1stFreeHosting.com and
clicking on JOIN NOW !

As I realize that many of you will have questions I have prepared a
small FAQ to help you make the decision to join our free hosting

How can you offer so much disk space (20 GB)?
We are using a highly redundant storage array that we can expand on
the fly. We currently have a total capacity of 2 TB and we will expend
it as necessary.

Will you close down like my last free hosting provider after a few
Absolutely not! Unlike many other free hostingproviders=94 that are
just a one man show, 1stFreeHosting has behind a powerful and legally
registered company (YOLAU NETWORK LTD registered in England). We have
no plans to close down and we want to run this business for many years
to come.

Will you ever put ads on user=92s pages?
We currently have no plans to put ads on our user=92s pages.

All free hosts start with fast servers and end up being very slow, are
you different?
We believe we are. All our servers are monitored 24/7 by a
professional support team that responds to alerts within minutes. We
also have a zero abuse tolerance that helps keep our service at the
highest level.

What are the restrictions of your free hosting service?
To better answer this question I suggest you consult our online FAQ
located at: http://www.1stfreehosting.com/faq.jsp and our TOS located
at: http://www.1stfreehosting.com/tos.jsp

Do you offer 24/7 support?
We currently don=92t offer 24/7 support to our free users but we try to
answer each and every ticket or forum post within 24 hours.
Please note however that our servers are monitored 24/7 by our support

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.

Stop switching hosts, come to www.1stFreeHosting.com !

1stFreeHosting, The last free hosting provider that you will ever need
to use !

Re: 20 GB space, PHP and MySQL support, no ads, host your own domain - 1stFreeHosting

In article <623516b7-6787-4541-8e25-def23f529dc4
@s50g2000hsb.googlegroups.com>, domenii@gmail.com says...
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All this, and a Gmail address to make you sound really professional!

Re: 20 GB space, PHP and MySQL support, no ads, host your own domain - 1stFreeHosting

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domenii@gmail.com wrote:

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That does not answer the implied question.  Nobody doubts that
you can buy disks and put them in an array.  The question is how
you can afford to do so with no obvious income stream.

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Being registered means nothing.  I am registered as an LLC and am a
50% partner in another.

Having no plans to close down means nothing.  Those other hosting
providers had no plans to close down.

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The question was "will you ever."  You didn't answer the question.

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And this is different from all the other free host services when they
started -- how?

The question is really asking about what you will do when you get
the usual huge number of customers.  Either you spend a bunch of
money on equipment and bandwidth (with no apparant income stream),
or you stop taking new users or you slow way down.  Which is it?

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Hmmm. I wonder why you didn't just post the answer?

Looking at the website referenced, I now see where you plan to get
an income stream -- from upgrades to paid service.  Just like the
last thousand or so now-defunct free hosting providers did.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What is your business model?  Are you relying on upgrades to paid
hosting to to fund the free hosting?  If so, what will you do if
the usual happens; many, many free users, very few paid users?
How are you different from all of the others who tried this and

Guy Macon

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